ABOUT US Spanish version

Internet Kiosks (IK) is a Spanish-owned company founded in January 2001 by highly experienced hardware and multimedia professionals.

At IK we build a broad range of multimedia kiosks tailored to the specific needs of each individual client.

We offer multimedia kiosks, ticketing solutions and digital signage products, which can be applied to all possible services in any imaginable market.

We cater for both the long-term and the short-term needs of our clients. For permanent applications, we offer 12 models, which can be customised and adapted to a broad range of applications. We also have a number of terminals of the IK100 - IK101 ranges available for rental to clients with temporary requirements.

At IK we always strive to achieve the best solutions, devoting as much attention to design as to the functionality and durability of the components of each kiosk, thereby ensuring that every one of them meets the highest quality standards.

We place at your disposal the most up-to-date and functional technologies, together with a team of professionals who apply their expertise to fulfilling all your requirements.