FAQ´S Spanish version
Wat is a multimedia kiosk?
It is a closed structure made of sheet metal, which can house a computer, software, an internet connection, and may be fitted with a keyboard, printer, loudspeakers, mouse, card reader, coin handler, and the most popular models have a touch screen.
What is a multimedia kiosk used for?
One of its main functions is to provide and collect information. According to the client’s needs, their applications can also include selling tickets, making bookings, providing access to banking services and transactions, sending emails, watching videos, playing games, listening to music, taking part in surveys… they offer all the services made possible by an internet connection.
Kiosks have multiple applications in all sectors, including, banking, leisure, health, administration, retail, services, etc.
Is any technical knowledge required to use a kiosk?
No, their simple design and their software make them user friendly. Kiosks fitted with a touch screen are easier to use, as their operation is purely intuitive.
What is better, a laser or a thermal printer?
Whenever possible and depending on the paper size used, we recommend a laser printer, which cuts the paper as soon as it finishes printing, thereby reducing waste. Laser printers need to warm up before printing the first sheet, while thermal printers start printing immediately. There are thermal printers available on the market specifically designed for installing on kiosks, while laser printers require adapters for their installation.
Can kiosks be customised?
Yes, you can choose the computer components, as well as the external image and design of the body structure. IK offers a broad range of products; for indoor and outdoor applications, for persons with reduced mobility, wall- and table-mounted, etc. But if our clients need to change any of the standard components, our design and computing departments are available to tailor any kiosk to their specific requirements.
What kind of delivery system does IK offer?
IK takes care of handling the kiosks and their individual inspection prior to packing. We use suitable packing materials to ensure maximum protection of every product. Within Spain, the kiosks are either delivered by our own technicians or by a fully reliable transport company.
For international deliveries, please enquire about the available options, depending on the country of destination.
Does IK develop software for the kiosks?
In our experience, generally clients already have ready-developed software and what they need is the hardware. However, in those cases where a client needs to adapt or develop software, we provide a solution to their problem.
Does IK provide an After Sales Maintenance and Repair Service?
Yes, we have an After Sales Service covering the Spanish mainland and islands, with a guaranteed maximum response time of 72 hours after receiving the client’s call.
What kind of Guarantee do your products have?
All IK products have a one-year on-site guarantee covering all hardware components, except in the case of damage caused by vandalism.
Who takes care of installing the Kiosks and their maintenance?
Our products are very easy to install and our clients do not necessarily need assistance from our personnel. However, if required, one of our technicians would travel to the client’s premises to provide assistance.
We provide maintenance during the first year of the product’s lifetime, covered by the guarantee we offer. Should the client wish to extend the guarantee period, this would be charged separately.
Who updates the Kiosk’s content?
IK, at the client’s request, will update the content.
Where can kiosks be installed?
They can be installed both in public and in private places: companies, airports, hospitals, clinics, service stations, hotels, large retail stores, shops, shopping malls, financial institutions, fairs, exhibitions, museums, universities, trains...
It might be better to ask: where can a kiosk NOT be installed? IK installs its kiosks wherever our clients need them.
What are the requirements for installing a kiosk?
The requirements are the same as for installing a standard computer. At the kiosk installation site there needs to be a shuko (power supply) socket and, if the kiosk is intended to provide internet access, a network connection is essential.
How much do your kiosks cost?
We prepare quotations according to the specific requirements of each individual client. Simply give us a call or send us an email specifying your requirements and we will get back to you in less than 48 hours with a quotation adapted to your stated specifications.