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Featuring the best multimedia applications and an intuitive and interactive presentation, the IK100 provides access to all kinds of information in the most direct manner.
dimensions : 1350x415x450
weight : 45 Kg.
screen: LCD TFT 15” or 17” Resolution 1024x768 or 1280x1024.
Network : integrated 10/100 base T network, 56k modem , adsl
material: Spray finished 2mm galvanized sheet steel. Range of RAL colors are available
Standard configuration: CPU intel Pentium or AMD duron, 256 mb ram, 80GB HDD, 200w power supply, integrated 120w speakers.
warranty: 1 year on hardware
software: windows, system protection and payment mechanism

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Sure swipe card reader , it can be installed either at the front or lateral of the terminal.
Hibrid card lector: OEM hybrid magstripe/Smart Card insertion reader with 3-track read head and EMV L1 Smart Card interface.
Coin selector.
60mm ticket dispenser
Fingerprint reader.
Card dispenser.
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