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Our multimedia kiosks swiftly deliver impacting messages, videos and audio in all kinds of locations – indoor or outdoor, public or private.

They are highly visual and attractive solutions that quickly capture user attention. The range of possibilities they offer increases significantly if they are connected to the Internet.

For all those servicies that require printing of documents, tickets or similar items, our ticketing solutions kiosks feature a printer, generaly thermal, as an optional element.

Among our models, the  IK 50, IK 75 & IK 90, the mobile IK 200 and  the IK 800, are reccomended for clients wishing to offer this kind of services.

The most innovative and comprehensive technologies applied to kiosks, with modern designs and several screen sizes.

Nuestros terminales de Digital Signage disponen de las soluciones más avanzadas del mercado para la transferencia de audio y video en tiempo real.

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