The implementation of kiosks not only speeds up document processing and improves the quality of service. In many cases it lowers costs, and in many others it increases income.

Cost reductions are achieved in many cases, since acquiring a kiosk eliminates the need for renting or purchasing premises in which to provide a service. Allowing customers to select the information they need means they will only print what they are interested in, leading to a swift, self-service process.

Kiosks may be regarded, in many cases, as intermediaries between buyer and seller, and in many lines of business they eliminate many cost items in the transaction chain.

Higher income can be achieved, for example, thanks to the swift and effective presentation of products to the customer by means of the kiosks, encouraging the end customer to make a purchase decision. They are also an effective customer loyalty tool, helping to consolidate the sales strategy.

The possibility of conducting high-quality surveys allows our clients to improve their service in all possible aspects thanks to the remarks input by their end customers.